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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Selectmen 2020-07-21


Selectmen Minutes

July 21, 2020

Present:  Fred Woodhouse, Diane Callahan, Gary Backstrom

Call to order by Fred Woodhouse at 5:30 pm.

Motion to approve the minutes of 6/16/2020 (Backstrom/Callahan).  All in favor, motion carried.

Norm Makechnie and Eric Hoagland spoke to the Board.  The Hoaglands would like to build on their property which is in the Highland Conservation District (steep slopes).  They would like to extend the driveway off of Route 101 in Peterborough and understand that they will need to obtain permits from Peterborough to do this.  They would like to determine what they will need to do in the Town of Sharon.  Mitch Call explained that the setbacks in the Highland Conservation District are 1½ times the setbacks for the rest of the town.  They will need to go before the Planning Board with engineering drawings.

Motion to approve the minutes of the joint meeting with the Moderator and Supervisors of the Checklist (Backstrom/Callahan).  All in favor, motion carried.

Tim Connor came before the Board with an intent to construct.  The Board reviewed and signed.

Motion to approve the payroll and manifest (Woodhouse/Callahan).  All in favor, motion carried.  Checks were signed.

Bill Joyner, Moderator, is developing election procedures.  Mr. Joyner will continue to attend and monitor the meetings regarding the upcoming elections and will keep the Board updated.

Mr. Woodhouse signed the 2nd quarter 2020 941 payroll tax return.

Signed an intent to cut for Williamson, Temple Road, M 3 L 15.

Reviewed a complaint received via email from Lisa Hall regarding a neighbor putting trash out at the end of their driveway, honking horns and yelling.  Discussion by the Board regarding what the town may be able to do.  It was determined that the town has no standing and will suggest that Ms. Hall should contact the police if this continues.

A resident has asked if the town can get monthly reports from the Peterborough Police that show what they do and how often they patrol.  After discussion it was determined that a written request will be sent to the Peterborough Police asking to receive monthly reports starting in 2021.

Discussion about a want ad for the Road Agent position.  Carl Newton, current Road Agent, has offered to do the initial interviews.  Mr. Newton has a couple of people he has approached regarding this position.

Carl Newton:

  • Roadside cleaning/mowing is being done by Sandy Eneguess.  Nashua Road, Temple Road, Greenleaf Road, and McCoy Road.

  • Has not been able to get anyone to crack seal.  If the crack sealing cannot get done the paving will not get done this year.

  • The cemeteries will be mowed in the next two weeks.

Diane Callahan:

  • Called Carol Ogilvie regarding code enforcement.  Ms. Ogilivie will be available at least through December 2020 and is willing to do more work for Sharon.  There was discussion about what codes would be enforced and at what point is a structure no longer temporary.

Fred Woodhouse:

  • Discussion about broadband.  The questionnaire sent out by Temple was reviewed.  Consolidated Communications will be contacted about the users in Sharon.  The Town of Sharon will need to determine what it's definition of broadband is.

Mitch Call:

  • Mark Carpenter is leaving and the Planning Board will need a new member.  The Planning Board is recommending that Ken Callahan be made a full member and requesting that Jeff Osgood be appointed as the alternate.  Motion to appoint Ken Callahan as a full member of the Planning Board (Backstrom/Woodhouse).  All in favor, motion carried.  Motion to appoint Jeff Osgood as an alternate member to the Planning Board (Backstrom/Woodhouse).  All in favor, motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 7:20 PM.

Minutes taken by Debra Harling.  Approved on 08/18/2020