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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Selectmen 2019-04-02

Selectmen Minutes

April 2, 2019

Present: Carl Newton, Diane Callahan, Fred Woodhouse

Meeting called to order at 5:30 PM by Mr. Newton.

Motion to approve the 3/19/19 minutes (Newton/Callahan).  All in favor, motion carried

Review the revision of the Police contract.  It was suggested that the Town Administrator contact Rodney Bartlett, Peterborough Town Administrator, to determine if Peterborough would have a general contract covering all services provided to the Town of Sharon.  The Board would like the contract sent to both Mr. Bartlett and Police Chief Guinard for their review. Mr. Newton thought the last contract was when Pam Brenner was the Peterborough Town Administrator.

The minutes to the Town Meeting are completed, a letter, with copies of the town meeting minutes and Mr. Woodhouse's and Ms. Callahan's oath of office, will be written so that the Board will be able to get the signatories on the bank accounts changed to remove Linda Paris and add Mr. Woodhouse.

Tracy Craig has agreed to be on the Audit Committee.

Ken Callahan:

  • The sandwich board signs have been received, and assembled.  Mr. Callahan requested that he be informed when the signs need to be set out with a message.

  • 41 Temple Road has been sold and the new owner has been cutting trees.  Mr. Callahan notified the new owner that he needs an intent to cut, and, if he is going to burn brush, he needs a burn permit.  Mr. Callahan suggested the Board drive by the property.

  • Mr. Callahan said that someone had mentioned the time of the Select Board meetings is to early and he just wanted to mention this.

Mitch Call:

  • San-Ken has requested that the site walk for the excavation permit be changed from April 6, 2019 to May 11, 2019.  This was received in the Town Clerk's office during this meeting, and was brought into the meeting room.

  • Submitted an updated version of the "notice to construct" and requested that everyone review it.

Mr. Newton:

  • Has spoken to Mr. Herlihy, the Peterborough Building Inspector, about being the site inspector for the Town of Sharon.  It was suggested that Sharon needed building codes. Mr. Newton spoke to the State of NH and verified that Sharon can continue with a "site inspector".

  • Asked about the welfare lien, this has been sent to the Hillsborough County Registry for recording.

  • Informed the Board that Mr. Groesbeck may be filing an appeal with the Zoning Board (ZBA) challenging the order to remove the concrete slabs and the zoning ordinance definition of structure.

  • Suggested that "Home Based Businesses" and "Home Occupations" be reviewed.

  • Need to continue working on the snow and ice contract.

  • Will work with the Peterborough River Center regarding the cord wood bank.

  • Asked the Board to think how to use the Will Fenno Memorial Fund to honor Will Fenno.

  • Need to work on the assessing review information.

  • Suggested holding another forum to discuss bridges.

  • Discussion of the Right-to-Know law.

  • Suggested that the draft minutes be uploaded to the website.

Motion to adjourn (Newton/Callahan).  All in favor, motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 7:08 PM.

Minutes taken by Debra Harling.  Approved on 04/16/2019.


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Carl Newton                      Diane Callahan Frederick Woodhouse