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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Selectmen 2018-04-17

Selectmen Meeting Minutes

April 17, 2018

Present: Carl Newton, Linda Paris, Diane Callahan

Meeting called to order at 5:30 PM by Mr. Newton.

Motion to approve the minutes of 4/3/18 (Newton/Paris).  All in favor, motion carried.

Motion to approve payroll and manifest (Newton/Paris).  All in favor, motion carried.

Mr. Newton signed the 2018 1st Qtr form 941-payroll tax return.

Discussion about a donation by Warren and Wanda Carlson of a large format printer.  Motion to accept the donation of an HP Designjet 110 Plus Color Large Format Inkjet Printer/Plotter (Newton/Paris).  All in favor, motion carried.

Reviewed and signed a request for information from SPNHF regarding the Fostberg property, M 7 L 25, located on Swamp Road.

Reviewed an intent to excavate for the 2018-2019 tax year from San-Ken.  There are questions regarding the status of the restoration bond and the opening of a new driveway off of Nashua Road without a permit.  Tim Keenan, Road Agent, has looked at the entry off of Nashua Road. Discussion about issuing a cease and desist order. The Town Administrator will contact the town attorney, Norm Makechnie regarding these issues.

Reviewed an intent to cut for Bruce and David Clark on South Road.  The map and lot number are incorrect, this will need to be corrected before the intent can be signed.  The Board discussed a road bond with the Road Agent. Motion to require a $5,000.00 road bond for the Bruce and David Clark timber cut on South Road (Newton/Paris).  All in favor, motion carried. The Town Administrator will contact Mr. Clark regarding the need for a corrected intent, the requirement for a road bond, and the need for the Forester to contact the Road Agent.  Ms. Harling will also inform the town attorney about these actions.

Mitch Call:

  • Asked which Selectman will be the alternate Ex-Officio to the Planning Board.  Ms. Callahan will not be able to attend the May Planning Board Meeting. Mr. Newton will attend.

Mr. Keenan:

  • Removed items dumped on Mill Road, a 5 gallon container and power tool containers.

  • Is ready to start working on dirt roads, if winter will stop.

  • Will be cutting trees on Mill Road.

  • Will be working with Atlantic Sign to obtain the signs for Swamp Road.

  • Mr. Newton suggested using $10,000 of the 2018 highway block grant to do work on the side roads.

  • Mr. Newton gave Mr. Keenan information on pricing for review.

Ms. Callahan:

  • Attended the NHMA workshop "Knowing the Territory".

Ms. Paris:

  • Has some concerns with the prior meetings discussion about the Emergency Management Director (EMD).  Would like to make sure that the EMD will be available when needed.

Mr. Newton:

  • Mentioned that the Krook property on Spring Hill Road is for sale.

  • Asked for suggestions on dealing with the School Superintendent's office regarding the student from New Ipswich attending Conval and being charged to Sharon.  Ms. Callahan will speak to the Superintendent's office.

  • Spoke about advertising for someone to do cleaning/small maintenance.  Ms. Callahan knows someone who might be able to do this. Mr. Newton thought the Board should try to find someone from Sharon before hiring someone from outside of town.

  • Has found solar lights to attach to the flag pole.

Ms. Harling:

  • Updated the Board on the status of the Clerkworks program.

Motion to appoint Fred Woodhouse as the Deputy Emergency Management Director (Newton/Paris).  All in favor, motion carried. Mr. Woodhouse took the oath of office.

Motion to adjourn (Newton/Paris).  All in favor, motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 6:53 PM.

Minutes taken by Debra Harling.  Approved on 05/01/2018.


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Carl Newton                      Linda Paris Diane Callahan