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Monday, March 5, 2018

Selectmen 2018-02-06

Selectmen Meeting Minutes

February 6, 2018

Present: Carl Newton, Donald T. O'Brien, Linda Paris

Meeting called to order at 5:00 PM by Mr. Newton.

Conval Information Hearing presented by Jim Fredrickson, Sharon School Board Representative

Mr. Fredrickson reviewed the warrant for the Conval School District.  Further explanation was given for articles 1, 2, 3, and 10

  • Article #1 - High School Lab renovations.  The Chemistry Labs will be renovated with money from the trust funds.  The renovation of the Biology Labs is being requested in a warrant article.  The District would like to do all renovations at the same time rather than have two separate projects.  The labs have not been renovated in approximately 40 years.  The contract will be "not to exceed" a specific dollar amount and some work will be done by District staff to try and hold expenses down.

  • Articles #2 and #3 - District budget.  The budget is up less than 1%, however the total District assessment is up approximately 5.5% due to less revenue from the state.  This amount does not include article #3 regarding the Fact Finders report on wages, which would add 1.7 million to the budget and increase the District assessment to approximately 10.7%.

  • Article #10 - Petition warrant article to change the Articles of Agreement.  This petition article would allow the School Board to close schools instead of allowing the voters of the district to have that choice.  The School Board has been working on a strategic plan and has not finished all research.  The School Board hopes to bring a plan to the voters of the district in March 2019.

Conval hearing closed at 5:27 pm

2018 Budget Hearing called to order by Mr. Newton at 5:30 pm

Mr. Newton reviewed the 2018 warrant.  The only change to salaries and wages is the Town Clerk, who will receive a salary instead of a salary plus fees pursuant to the vote at the 2017 town meeting.  The salary has been increased to account for the fees that would have been paid.  The motor vehicle fees will go into revenue.  There are provision for payment to a Deputy Town Clerk.

The budget was reviewed, this is up approximately $9,000.00.  The services from the Town of Peterborough account for approximately $8,000.00 of the increase.

Warrant articles were reviewed and explained.

  • Article #5 - This is to purchase a new program for the Town Clerk.  This program would include all Town Clerk functions so that only one computer needs to be utilized.

  • Article #6 - This is would add $10,000 to the bridge fund.

  • Article #7 - Add $7,500 to the audit fund to cover the cost of a professional to work with the audit committee and start to save for a professional audit.

  • Article #8 - Add $1,000 to the welfare fund.

  • Article #9 - Add $35,000 to the highway fund.  Mr. Newton stated that the town needs to think about paving roads.

  • Article #10 - This article asks the town to close Swamp Road subject to gates and bars.  Mr. Newton explained that there will be a public hearing on 2/20/18 to discuss this.  The Board is suggesting this action to try and alleviate problems on this road with illegal dumping, and other issues.  The town does not maintain this road in the winter.  All abutting landowners would be given keys to the gates.

Ken Callahan had questions regarding the Peterborough costs, specifically the cost of the Library.  Mr. Newton explained that the Library is not part of the public safety services package at this time.

Mr. Callahan asked if the cemetery budget includes repairs.  The answer was in the affirmative.

Motion to close the 2018 budget hearing (Paris/O'Brien).  All in favor, hearing closed at 6:10 pm.

Selectmen's Meeting called to order by Mr. Newton at 6:10 pm

Motion to approve minutes of 1/30/18 (Newton/Paris).  All in favor, motion carried.

Motion to approve and sign the letter to the Swamp Road abutters (Newton/O'Brien).  All in favor, motion carried.  The letters will be sent certified/return receipt requested.

Motion to approve and sign the 2018 warrant (Newton/Paris).  All in favor, motion carried.

Motion to approve and sign the 2018 MS-636 state budget form (Newton/Paris).  All in favor, motion carried.

Motion to adjourn (Newton/Paris).  All in favor, motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 6:30 PM.

Minutes taken by Debra Harling.  Approved on 02/20/18.


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Carl Newton                      Donald T. O'Brien Linda Paris