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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Selectmen 2017-10-17

Selectmen Meeting Minutes

October 17, 2017

Present: Carl Newton, Donald T. O'Brien, Linda Paris

Meeting called to order at 5:30 PM by Mr. Newton

Motion to approve the minutes of 10/3/2017 (Paris/O'Brien).  All in favor, motion carried.

Motion to approve payroll and manifest (Newton/O'Brien).  All in favor, motion carried.

Signed 2017 3rd quarter 941 payroll tax return.

Signed 2017 revised MS-535.

Ken Callahan:

  • Submitted a request for reimbursement for expenditures - archive supplies, poster and DVD made.

Tim Keenan:

  • Discussion about the proposed timber harvest and a road bond for the DiSalvo property, M 07 L 021, located on Swamp Rd.  Motion to require a $5,000.00 road bond for the timber harvest on M 07 L 021 (Newton/O'Brien).  All in favor, motion carried.  Ms. Harling will inform Mr. Buxton and Attorney Makechnie.  Intent to cut signed.

  • A total of 9 beavers were removed.  The dams have been breached and the water is down approximately 2 feet.  The water is flowing and the pressure is off the bridge.

  • Roads will be graded soon.

  • Discussion of a transportation meeting to be held in Peterborough on October 24, 2017.

Mitch Call:

  • Attended the NHMA Law Lecture Series.  One of the subjects was about how the Feds have tightened up the rules on cell tower construction, expansion, and wireless service.  Towns used to have 30 days to inform an applicant of additional materials needed for a complete application, this has been reduced to 15 days.  Another change the Feds have made is allowing an additional 20 feet of a town's maximum ordinance height.  There was also discussion about putting small receivers on top of electric poles and space sharing for antennae.

Ted O'Brien:

  • Informed the Board of a plan to install electric poles up the auto road on Pack Monadnock.  Mr. O'Brien asked if the Board would be interested in sending a letter to request a delay until after public hearings could be held.  Mr. Newton was not in favor of a letter at this time.  Mr. Newton asked Mr. Call if the Friends of the Wapack had discussed this issue yet.  Mr. Call stated it would be discussed at their meeting on October 21, 2107.  Further discussion on this subject will occur at the next Board meeting.

Linda Paris:

  • Update that the 2014 lien on M 03 L 035F has been paid and deeding will not occur.

  • Request that the budget be reviewed for any issues.

Motion to adjourn (Newton/Paris). All in favor, motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 6:18 PM.

Minutes taken by Debra Harling.  Approved on 11/7/17.


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Carl Newton                      Donald T. O'Brien Linda Paris