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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Selectmen 2017-05-02

Selectmen Meeting Minutes

May 2, 2017


Present: Carl Newton, Donald T. O'Brien, Linda Paris

Meeting called to order at 5:30 PM by Mr. Newton


Motion to accept the minutes of 4/18/17 (Paris/O'Brien).  All in favor, motion carried.


Motion to approve abatement of costs for Husbands (Newton/Paris).  All in favor, motion carried.


Motion to approve and sign the timber tax warrant for NEFF (Paris/O'Brien).  All in favor, motion carried.  The bond from HHP has been released, Mr. Makechnie will write up a bond for Lyons and Tenney for the second timber cut.  


Review of the 2016 property taxes to be liened


Review of notice of foreclosure for a Swamp Road property, M 7 L 025, auction scheduled for June 14, 2017.


Bruce Matthews from Cross Road:  Dan Reed will be handling a timber cut on his property, Mr. Matthews is prepared to give a bond to cover potential road damage.


Mitch Call discussed the procedures that the PB would like to follow regarding ADUs after the public hearing to ratify the March 2017 election.  Mr. Call is drafting a letter to residents.  The PB is suggesting a 6 month time frame for property owners with ADUs to obtain a conditional permit.  Properties that are grandfathered will need to obtain conditional permits and the PB is recommending a nominal filing fee for these.  A higher filing fee ($150?) is suggested for all other conditional permits for ADUs.


A public hearing for ratification of the March 2017 election results will be held on May 16, 2017 at 6:00 pm.  Ms. Harling will place notice in the paper and on the website.  Ms. Harling will forward suggested wording to Mr. Makechnie for his review.


Mr. O'Brien:

  • Question on the Van Dyke property which Mr. Callahan answered.

  • Question on whether the DiSalvo property has an easement, no easement

  • San-Ken is currently operating in the gravel pit.


Ms. Paris:

  • Question about the price for cemetery lots, Don Hart should be contacted for cemetery questions.

  • Request for a google-group notice that Emmanuel Denis of Mill Road, a long time resident, passed away.

  • Asked Ms. Harling to file property record cards.

  • Spoke about getting the property inventories for 2018.  The State will send out a form in the late summer for the Board to sign to order inventory forms.

  • Need a simple building permit form, Mr. Call, Mr. O'Brien and Ms. Harling will work on this.

  • Road Agent - need to discuss selling excess culverts, grading roads and the road permit for Mill Road.  Mr. Newton will speak to Mr, Keenan about these matters.

  • Discussion about the outside bulletin board, the Town Administrator and Town Clerk should both be maintaining this.


:Mr. Newton:

  • Discussion about revising the salary split between the Tax Collector and Deputy Tax Collector.  Mr. Newton will work on this.

  • Discussion about Juliana Kazanovicz continuing as a Motor Vehicle Clerk.  Ms. Kazanovicz would need to sign in on the State DMV system once per year.  Mr. Newton will discuss this with Ms. Kazanovicz.

  • List of positions that will need to be filled in 2018 or sooner.  Need to start recruiting people to fill these positions.  Discussion about how to get residents involved in town positions.

  • Suggested that a meeting for residents be held June 20, 2017 at 6 pm to review bridges and discuss Swamp Road.



Motion to adjourn (Newton/Paris). All in favor, motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 6:50 PM.


Minutes taken by Debra Harling.  Approved on 5/16/2017________.



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Carl Newton                      Donald T. O'Brien Linda Paris